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School of Freshwater Sciences

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Model organism work for the study of environment and human health

Project Description

Working with model organisms

A full suite of genetic and genomic services are available in our Center to conduct research on the impacts of the environment on the health and development of organisms. These include next-gen sequencing services, which can be used to determine changes in gene expression, identify changes to the genome such as methylation, ChIP-Seq to examine interactions between DNA, RNA and protein to look at regulation, and de-novo small genome sequencing. In the near future our next-generation sequencing capacity will include long-read technologies that will provide more data for larger organisms and for harder to read sequences. We also have quantitative and digital PCR available for quantifying gene expression for genes of interest in response to environmental factors. A full suite of bioinformatics services and some software packages are also available. Contact us for more information or to start your project.

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