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School of Freshwater Sciences

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Quantitative PCR and Digital PCR

Quantitative PCR
Currently GLGC offers qPCR services utilizing the StepOnePlus qPCR system for gene expression studies at various levels. We will process samples for SYBR green detection only. Primers must be designed and purchased by the user. Prices do not include optimization.

Services include RNA extraction from tissue, cDNA synthesis, and qPCR reaction set-up and SYBR detection. We will accept samples at any step of the process. RNA must have a RIN of 8 or higher and be quantified on the Qubit. Quantification and quality measures can be done by the user or by GLGC for a fee. A qPCR reaction consists of 1 cDNA sample and 1 primer pair or target. All qPCR reactions are ran in duplicate. qPCR reactions are charged by data point which is the average of the duplicate rections.

Ship samples on dry ice, overnight or preserve samples in RNA later.

Digital PCR
Coming Soon!

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