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Bioinformatics Analysis

The Bioinformatics Team of the Great Lakes Genomics Center is offering various services to researchers and interested parties from both academia and the private sector. The following is a list of services available:

Research Collaboration:
We offer project based collaborations. These can be funded through either a fee-for-services or through joint research grants. We currently are participating in multiple research collaborations through various fields of life sciences beyond the scope of freshwater sciences.

We are happy to offer consultation services for data analysis and project design. These can be scheduled either upon request or during our regular office hours. The necessary bioinformatic software tools are either already available by us, or will be implemented as needed.

Bioinformatics support for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS):
NGS services for data analysis are available for various projects like whole genome sequencing (templated or de novo), targeted resequencing, whole transcriptome sequencing (cDNA or RNA based), DNA fragment sequencing derived from Chromosome Immunoprecipitation (ChIP-Seq), DNA Methylation detection (Meth-Seq) and many other potential applications. The Bioinformatics team is available to help investigators with their NGS data analysis or train their staff if needed with off-the-shelf software or newly developed tools.

Access the state-of-the-art computational resources:
Our team has access to bioinformatics computational resources like our own Galaxy Slipstream Server (Link) and priority on our local high-performance computing cluster (Link). Direct access to the computational resources is limited to UWM researchers, but our team is available to use these for external researcher’s data when needed.


$150/hour  UW system Client

$230/hour non-UW system Client

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