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Qubit 2.0 Fluorometer

The Qubit Fluorometer accurately detects very low concentrations of DNA, RNA, and protein. By using fluorometric detectors, sample concentrations can be measured without interference of contaminants by only emitting fluorescence when bound to the specific target molecules. The Qubit can be used for quantification of samples used in next generation library preparation, microarray experiments, and real time qPCR analysis and is much more accurate than the Nanodrop.

Available kits for purchase:

Qubit dsDNA high sensitivity (HS) assay range 0.2-100 ng, 10 pg/ul – 100 ng/ul
Qubit dsDNA broad range (BR) assay range 2-1000 ng, 100 pg/uL-1ug/uL
Qubit RNA assay range 5-100 ng, 250 pg/ul – 100 ng/ul

New users must be trained by GLGC staff.

The Qubit is available for use by researchers or as a service provided by the Genomics Center for a fee.

Qubit 2.0 Fluorometer

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