School of Freshwater Sciences
Great Lakes Genomics Center
School of Freshwater Sciences

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School of Freshwater Sciences Open House September 12-13.

A chance to see the new Great Lakes Genomics Center and all of the new facilities in the School of Freshwater Sciences.

The Great Lakes Genomics Center will open its doors in the new UWM School of Freshwater Sciences facility in July. The building which is a $53 million addition to the previous building is a state-of-the art facility with 94,000 square feet of modern laboratory facilities, teaching spaces, and offices for faculty, staff and Freshwater Ph.D. and M.S. students. The GLGC will move to the new modern laboratory that was specifically designed for the instrumentation of the Center and has specific rooms for RNA and DNA extraction and preparation as well as gene expression analysis and creation of libraries for sequencing. The space will now also be able to accommodate small groups of students or other individuals who are learning about the techniques. The GLGC will be part of the larger School of Freshwater Sciences open house on September 12-13, 2014 at the 600 Greenfield Avenue location and the general public is welcome to attend. For more information please visit or contact Eric Leaf.

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