School of Freshwater Sciences
Great Lakes Genomics Center
School of Freshwater Sciences

Call: (414) 382-1774

Great Lakes Genomics Center Supports Efforts of Organizations Working to Protect Our Freshwater Resources

The Great Lakes Genomics Center and its affiliated scientists are working on several projects with Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and local environmental groups on projects related to protecting our freshwater resources. These include evaluating the population status of panfish in Wisconsin, effects of contaminants on fish and invertebrate populations, and using genomics information to provide support monitoring efforts of streams, rivers, and the Great Lakes and even develop new tools with which to monitor the status of these freshwater systems. Scientists are also studying how the gene expression patterns seen in fish and other organisms are linked to that of human health. Stay updated on publications from these projects by signing up for our email updates by emailing us at or by following us on our Twitter feed @GRTLAKESGENOMIC
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