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School of Freshwater Sciences

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Human genetics and genomics studies and bioinformatics

Project Description

The GLGC is also able to assist with your sequencing, gene expression, and bioinformatics needs related to human genetics and genomics. We are able to assist with bioinformatics support for data obtained through projects generated outside of the GLGC. We have a Galaxy appliance that can handle several types of alignment and analysis needs and our staff can conduct analysis on a per hour rate. In addition, the Illumina Mi-Seq is available for RNA-Seq analysis, Chip-Seq or methylation analysis, and the 3730 sequencer is available for population genetics studies. We are able to examine gene expression even in small samples using a digital PCR as well as a qPCR machine with provided primers. We will also soon obtain a long-read sequencer that will be able to sequence a full gene or entire human genome for researchers. Please contact us with your potential project needs.

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