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New Sequencer to be Purchased With Support From the Fund for Lake Michigan and Kikkoman

June 1, 2014

The Great Lakes Genomics Center has received funding to purchase a second sequencer that will provide more data and longer reads to assist freshwater scientists and others in generating genomic data in support of research related to whole genome sequencing, examining variations in genomes and changes in genomes. “Our grant to UWM is part of the Fund’s broad-based strategy to improve water quality in southeastern Wisconsin, whether through applied research, habitat restoration, beach improvements or urban waterfront redevelopment.” The gift from the Fund for Lake Michigan will be used to support the purchase of an additional sequencer which will assist the GLGC in generating data on organisms that are important for the Great Lakes and not traditionally the focus of genomics efforts. Other support from the Center comes from the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, who assisted in the purchase of the first next-generation sequencer in the GLGC, and a donation by Kikkoman Food, Inc. towards freshwater health. This goes towards the mission of the Great Lakes Genomics Center to support researchers developing and using genomic data for ecology and environmental health related to freshwater resources.
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