School of Freshwater Sciences
Great Lakes Genomics Center
School of Freshwater Sciences

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Great Lakes Genomics Center Supports Pilot Projects Examining Variations in Bacterial Strains and Communities As Well as the development of freshwater organisms.

Pilot projects advance our knowledge about bacterial communities and strains as well as changes that occur in vertebrate development

The Great Lakes Genomics Center has supported several pilot projects to provide demonstrations of the utility of the sequencers in the GLGC to members. Using the first next-gen sequencer purchased, an Illumina Mi-Seq, the Center assisted researchers in examining bacterial communities found in the waters inside of pitcher plants, the genes associated with stress responses in yeast, and the genes responsible for virulence and antibiotic resistance in two strains of bacteria, and the gene expression changes that occur in fish over generations due to chemical exposures and stress. Data generated from these projects provides preliminary data for grant proposals and information to generate new hypotheses. For information on how the GLGC can help you with your project please contact us
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